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State’s social responsibility in reducing suicide must be increased

Thoughts of suicide are not just an individual or family problem, but a social responsibility in which the state must be much more involved. About 300 suicides are committed in Latvia every year, but the number of suicide attempts is much higher. Possible suicides lie under other causes of death, such as car accidents, drug overdoses or alcohol-related accidents. The mental health situation in the world has deteriorated significantly during the pandemic, and governments should be much more involved in addressing the situation.

Latvian Public Media has already reported on Irene from Latgale, a patient with major depression, who needs 500 euros per dose to help fight suicidal thoughts. The whole course of treatment requires 6000 euros. After years of almost hopeless treatment, this latest generation drug is finally helping to progress. But it is not in the range of state-paid medicines, and the doctor’s request to the National Health Service to reimburse the medicine on an exceptional basis has also been rejected. Therefore, an attempt is made to obtain the amount necessary for treatment on the platform