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GP Nord employees attend the basketball game between Latvia and Egypt

The GP Nord team recently attended an exciting basketball game between the national teams of Latvia and Egypt, which took place on June 26. This event served not only as a great way to support our national team, but also as a great opportunity to strengthen team spirit and cohesion among our staff.

Game Progress and Outcome
The game started with high intensity, both teams showed strong defense and agile attacks. The Latvian national team, playing their best game, quickly gained the lead. During the game, there were several outstanding moments that attracted the attention of the spectators and created a special atmosphere in the arena. The cohesion of the Latvian team and the strategy of the game turned out to be successful, and they won with a score of 85:74.

Team cohesion and sense of community
For GP Nord employees, this was not only an opportunity to enjoy an exciting game, but also an opportunity to strengthen team spirit outside of the work environment. “Such events help us get to know each other better and promote a positive working atmosphere,” said company representative Pēteris Zeltiņš. “We are proud of both the Latvian team on the field and our company team at work.”

The team’s visit to the basketball game is part of GP Nord’s initiative to promote employee well-being and mutual cooperation. It also shows the company’s support for local athletes and the importance of team spirit in both sports and business.