GP Nord Ltd
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Kurzemes prospekts 23, Rīga, LV-1067, Latvija

The extraordinary care your company deserve.

Wholesaler in Latvia distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products to pharmacies, healthcare institutions and veterinary clinics

Our Story

GP Nord, located in North-East Europe, the significant advantage is a hands-on attitude to complex issues of sourcing high-quality medicinal products from validated sources throughout the EU. It allows us to supply the demanding markets of Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, EEC, the Middle East, and central Europe.

Because we operate in a wholly validated and professional supply chain, we provide the necessary confidence and assurances to both our customers and suppliers supported by certified documentation and declarations. GP Nord SIA is a pharmaceutical company formed by three childhood friends, former English Latvians in England. Initially, it followed British companies’ example, where the primary business model is the wholesale of European goods to North Africa, the Middle East, China, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Unlicenced medicines

Working in Latvia, it quickly became apparent that we are also very much needed in the local market as a company that supplies “inconvenient” products. Those that are cheap but difficult to access often to be brought from other continents. By continuously persuading excellence, we have gained the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable partner. Pharmacy managers no longer had to listen to patients’ reproaches, or hospital procurement managers no longer had to justify themselves to doctors; no procedures had to be cancelled.


GP Nord distributes proprietary and generic medicines, medical devices, meeting the demands of independent pharmacies, pharmacy networks and healthcare centres. We provide the missing chain elements in pharmaceutical supply networks.

Goods and services

We provide:
‣ Wholesale, unlicensed medicines in local markets.
‣ Veterinary products.
‣ Clinical trial supplies.
‣ Health care products.
‣ Devices and equipment for pharmacies and healthcare institutions.

“Behind the scenes of a masquerade ball: the story of how the first load of masks from China travelled to Latvia”

“How to make storm in a teacup”

“Head of Emergency Medical Service: “Cargo of medical masks and respirators delivered by GP Nord saved Latvia””

Our Values

We service the customers by providing localised solutions to various global challenges. Having the ability to understand our customer’s requirement in detail allows us to offer a bespoke solution.

Fast Service

Our priority is the speed of service. We have to make sure patient medication access is with no delays. We make sure our customers are getting high quality and reliable delivery.


Patient safety is a result of an ongoing and carefully followed process. The pharmaceutical industry runs on quality. We stand by it.

Best Price

We carefully monitor changes in the market daily. We make sure our customers access the lowest pricing possible without losing our service's supreme standard.


Our core values are the ability to trust and proving our trustworthiness. Any decision we make will be based on our policy of allegiance.


We promote the safe and effective use of medications and enable patients to achieve positive, targeted therapy outcomes.

Social policy

We support organisations working to achieve charitable goals for health, culture and education in local and diaspora communities.