GP Nord is an EU based healthcare pharmaceutical wholesaler, dedicated to serving the needs of its clients all around the globe.

GP Nord Pharmaceutical supply chain

Fast Service

Our priority is the speed of service. We have to make sure patient medication access is quick with no delays, therefore we make sure our customers are getting high quality and reliable delivery of pharmaceuticals.


Our core values are the ability to trust and proving our trustworthiness. Any decision we make will be based on it.

Best Price

A happy customer is an asset, therefore we are making sure our customers can access the lowest pricing possible, without losing the supreme standard of our service. We carefully monitor changes in the market, therefore your offer will be as accurate as possible.


Patient safety is a result of an ongoing and carefully followed process. We are identifying potential risks or possible causes of risks. The pharmaceutical industry runs on quality. We stand by it.

We service the customers by providing localised solutions to various global challenges. Having the ability to understand our customer’s requirement in detail allows us to provide a bespoke resolution.

Unlicenced medicines

We are supplying our local market with unlicensed medicines. Medicines all over the world find their way into Latvian pharmacies places like Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Japan, India, Turkey EU and others. We are working closely with the State Medicine Agency of the Republic of Latvia, obtaining import permits and licenses. Our main task is to make sure patients have access to the best possible treatment disregarding the location of registration country. 

Clinical Trial Supplies

GP Nord is licensed clinical trial supplier, who can provide a full-service product delivery for your study. We are making sure you are getting the highest quality product through our validated shipping and storage methods at a reasonable cost. We are following the latest trends in product safety solutions, therefore giving you a guarantee on your transaction. 


GP Nord is shipping medicines globally. We are consolidating products from various different regions, to deliver them to your doorstep in a single shipment – saving your time and money. Our customer is our most valuable asset, therefore we are constantly making sure we understand your needs and wishes. Knowing how important it is to get all right the first time around, we will make sure you are aware of expiry dates, shipping routes, storage conditions or any other important information BEFORE we ship your goods. 

Veterinary products

GP Nord is a licensed Vet product supplier. Our purchasing team is sourcing vet products globally, therefore providing the latest innovations at your business’s doorstep fast and at competitive pricing. We see no difference between human and animal medicines both has to be handled following the best industries practices.