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Unlicenced medicines

We are supplying our local market with unlicensed medicines. We are working closely with local authorities, gaining authorisations. Our main task is to enable patients to access the best possible treatment disregarding the registration country's location.

Clinical Trial Supplies

GP Nord is a licensed clinical trial supplier who can provide a full-service product delivery for your study. We are making sure you are getting the highest quality product through our validated shipping and storage methods at a reasonable cost. We are following the latest trends in product safety solutions, therefore giving you a guarantee on your transaction.


GP Nord is shipping medicines globally. We are consolidating products from various regions to deliver them to your doorstep in a single shipment – saving your time and money. Our customer is our most valuable asset. Therefore we are continually making sure we understand your needs and wishes. Knowing how important it is to get all right the first time around, we will make sure you know expiry dates, shipping routes, storage conditions or any other important information BEFORE we ship your goods.

Veterinary products

GP Nord is a licensed Vet product supplier. Our purchasing team is sourcing vet products globally, providing the latest innovations at your business's doorstep at fast and competitive pricing. We see no difference between human and animal medicines. Both have to be handled following the best industries practices.

Public Product List

Wholesale prices of SIA GP Nord medicines presented in accordance with the requirements of Sub-paragraph 17.1 of Cabinet Regulation No. 416 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia “Procedures for Distribution and Quality Control of Medicinal Products”, which stipulates that a pharmaceutical wholesaler shall provide easily accessible information on medicinal products and their prices on its website. (Last modified on 21.10.2020)

Quality standards

GP Nord pride themselves on being compliant with EU Good Distribution Practice for human use medicines, 2013/C 343/01.
Our warehouse facility operates ambient storage between 15-25 degrees Celsius and refrigerated storage of 2-8 degrees Celsius. A permanent monitoring solution provided and installed by Testo.
Climate control runs 24/7 to ensure that any products stored are kept well within the ranges of their label conditions.

What we care about

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NHS England animation, how to measure your oxygen levels (using a pulse oximeter), the danger signs to look out for, and when to seek urgent help.

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Researchers working on Covid-19 vaccines have smashed speed records, bringing new vaccines from development to distribution in less than a year. In some cases, with a new type of vaccine technology.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a properly fitted mask reduces your risk of COVID-19. Know your risk, lower your risk

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You’ve been told a thousand times: wash your hands to stop the spread of viruses. But why does this work so well? It has to do with how the soap molecules can demolish coronavirus and other viruses.

GP Nord Insights

Managing the supply of respirators to Latvia during the Covid-19 crisis

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What people say about us

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"Cargo of medical masks and respirators supplied by GP Nord saved Latvia and allowed limiting the spread of Covid-19 in time."

Liene Cipule
Director of the Latvian Emergency Medical Service
"The business owner experience in the pharmaceutical industry includes working for nine years in a UK pharmaceutical wholesale company."
Katrīna Iļjinska
Publisher of Forbes Baltics
"The quality of the product and compliance with the specifications is guaranteed by "GP Nord" 24 months after delivery. We have not received any quality complaints."
Edgars Labsvīrs
Director of The National Health Service of Latvia

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