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GP Nord participates in the LĢAA conference

Drug wholesaler GP Nord representatives Edgars Bružiks and Vents Feldmanis participated in the Latvian Association of Family Physicians (LĢAA) conference, which took place on May 17 at ATTA CENTER Riga, Krasta Street 60, and online. The latest Testera express tests and Nutrego clinical nutrition products were presented to the conference participants.

Participation in the conference and product presentation

During the conference, GP Nord presented family doctors with Testera express tests, which offer a wide range of diagnostic options at home, and Nutrego clinical nutrition, which is designed for patients with special nutritional needs.

Testera Express tests

Range of tester products:
Lyme IgG/IgM rapid test
A/B Influenza+SARS-CoV-2+RSV combined antigen self-test
Streptococcus A rapid test
Vitamin D and Ferritin (iron) determination tests
Helicobacter pylori antigen test
Pregnancy and Ovulation tests
Male fertility test
Menopause (FSH hormone) test
SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test
FOB Occult Bleeding Test

Nutrego Clinical Nutrition

Nutrego clinical nutrition products are available for both complete and supplementary nutrition and are especially suitable for elderly patients, patients with oncological diseases and eating disorders. The products are ready for use in the form of drinks, in various flavors, without gluten and lactose.

Proceedings of the conference

Family doctors participated in the meeting of LGAA members, who were introduced to current events and news in the field of medicine. The participants had the opportunity to view and obtain detailed information about the products offered by GP Nord, which can be essential in their daily work with patients.