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Celox Gauze helps save lives in emergency bleeding injuries

In order to ensure the survival of the victim in the case of arterial injuries, road traffic accidents, gunshot wounds and other severe bleeding injuries, the most important factor is to quickly stop the bleeding in the first few minutes after the wound is sustained. Celox Gauze Bandage is designed to help stop bleeding after life-threatening injuries in the shortest possible time. Analysis of independent comparative tests shows a statistically significant increase in survival with Celox Gauze compared to alternative agents.

Celox Gauze Survival rate
It can be used to stop blood loss from deep wounds and large ruptured blood vessels. In addition, it can be used to stop blood loss from small blood vessels as well, such as nosebleeds.

Some hemostatic agents work by increasing the body’s own clotting factors, but they may not be effective enough for very heavy bleeding. The action of Celox Gauze is independent of the clotting mechanism. Celox acts physically at the site of bleeding. The gauze absorbs the blood, swells and forms a gel-like plug that covers the wound and stops the bleeding. Celox™ also works against hypothermic bleeding, when the blood does not clot and the trauma often results in the death of the victim.

Celox Gauze

How to use Celox™ Gauze?

When responding to an accident, it is important to identify catastrophic external bleeding as soon as possible.

Fully expose the wound. Locate the bleeding site and apply direct pressure to stop the flow and control the bleeding. If blood has pooled in the wound, clean the wound of blood using gauze pads or any other available material.

Celox Gauze is designed to stop life-threatening bleeding. When you pick up the package, you will see a tear notch in the corners of the package. While maintaining pressure on the wound, open the package and remove the Celox Gauze from the package.

Take the end of the gauze and tightly fill the source of bleeding with it – the wound. Continue to pack the wound, maintaining pressure throughout and introducing Celox gauze until the wound is filled above skin level. For larger wounds that cannot be filled with one Celox gauze, use the next package of Celox gauze or another simple gauze to fill the wound above skin level. Once the wound is sealed, keep constant pressure on it for three minutes.

Visually check for bleeding around the dressing while maintaining pressure. If the bleeding has not stopped, apply pressure again until the bleeding stops. If necessary, cut or tear off excess Celox™ gauze before securing the dressing. Cover the wound with a bandage or compression bandage.

Provide and maintain pressure on the wound continuously. Remember to bandage tightly to maintain direct pressure on the wound.

Record that Celox™ has been applied to the wound, place the pack inside the dressing for the next step of care. Regularly check and reassess bleeding from the wound until the next stage of care is reached – an ambulance or a treatment facility.

Celox Gauze has proven its effectiveness in many situations and is recognized by medical professionals. It has become a popular choice in military and emergency medical situations around the world.

GP Nord started offering Celox™ Gauze to its customers in 2022.