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GP Nord at Pharmagora Plus

This March, GP Nord had an exciting and unforgettable experience at the highly anticipated Pharmagora Plus exhibition in Paris! The event proved to be an excellent platform for the company to deepen its knowledge of the latest trends and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. It was a unique opportunity to interact with respected industry leaders, connect with valued customers and partners, and gain insight into new trends and developments in the field.

The Pharmagora Plus show was a whirlwind of activity and GP Nord is proud to have been a part of it. Company representatives were excited about the opportunity to meet with recognized experts in the field, participate in thought-provoking discussions and demonstrations, as well as take advantage of the available cooperation opportunities.

The event provided participants with an exciting and dynamic environment with an impressive range of exhibitions, conferences and workshops. GP Nord was particularly impressed by the variety of exhibitors’ stands, which highlighted the latest technologies, product innovations and research advances that are shaping the future of the industry.

GP Nord is grateful for the opportunity to attend such a remarkable event and collaborate with so many inspiring people and companies. The company extends its sincere thanks to the organizers, participants and visitors who made this weekend a great success.

GP Nord is committed to pursuing innovation excellence in the field of pharmaceuticals. The company is happy to share the knowledge and insights gained from the Pharmagora Plus show and expects to implement this experience in future projects.