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Testera pieejams Euraoptieka

Testera’s new products are available in Latvia

Euroaptieka, one of the leading pharmacy chains in Latvia, has started selling Testera express tests in July this year. These innovative express tests are designed for use at home and are now available to Latvian customers, providing a simple and effective way to check important health indicators. Privacy, confidentiality, availability, speed, accuracy are the main advantages of these products!

Testera offers several express tests, and the following products have appeared on the shelves as the first:

Vitamin D rapid test: Vitamin D is very important for health and its deficiency in the body can cause various health problems, so it is important to check it regularly. The express test allows you to determine the deficiency, insufficiency, sufficiency or accumulation of vitamin D in the body. The result in just 10 minutes, with 94.4% accuracy.

Express test for determination of ferritin (iron): Ferritin shows iron reserves in the body, which is a very important factor in providing important functions for the body. This test allows you to easily and quickly determine the level of ferritin in the blood to prevent iron deficiency or excess in the blood. The result in just 5 minutes, with 95.1% accuracy.

Menopause (FSH) express test: Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is closely related to the proper functioning of the reproductive system. The amount of this hormone in the body helps to determine the premenopause period, the onset of menopause in a woman’s life, the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy, and to ensure the monitoring of a woman’s personal state of health. Result in just 3 minutes, with 99% accuracy.

All Testera products are distributed in Latvia by GP Nord SIA, which has proven its reliability and quality in the pharmaceutical industry by offering customers high-quality medical and healthcare products.

Taking care of the customer, to get more information about Testera express tests and their purchase, we invite you to visit any branch of Euroaptiekas throughout Latvia.