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Open Radošais Centrs

Support for OPEN Creative Center


Our CEO Toms Zeltins visited the OPEN Creative Center to deliver our support for Edijs Klaišis great initiative, which has now resulted in 11 support centers for young people from at-risk families. Here, young people from both rich and poor families who feel lonely and depressed can visit the centre’s premises every day and have a meaningful time.
“Open” does not receive funding from the state or local government. The rent of the premises and many other costs are covered by the support of responsive people and the volunteer work invested.

Edijs Klaišis un Toms Zeltiņš

OPEN Creative Centers for young people are neither educational institutions nor crisis centers.
OPEN Creative Centers do not teach anyone to live, and we do not solve their problems for young people.
We trust and give opportunities.
Young people (13 – …) can do in centres:
– participate in various creative activities
– Play board games
– to read books
– Play xBox
– participate in physical activities
– cook for yourself (products we have)