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Kur izmest nederīgās zāles?

Where to dispose of unused medicines? Utilization of medication.

Almost every home has medicine in the first-aid kit that has expired recently or for a long time, so it is very useful to take inventory of the first-aid kit every six months. Here we will also find medicines whose use will no longer be necessary in the foreseeable future. Once the invalid medicines have been selected, not everyone knows how to properly dispose of these medicines. Someone flushes them down the toilet, while another throws them away with the household waste, which is completely wrong.

Unused medicines are not simply waste; they are potentially dangerous substances, the improper storage and disposal of which pose a serious threat to human health and the environment. Infrequently, improperly stored medicines in households can become risk factors for poisoning, contributing to unwanted consequences.

Threats to health and the environment

When unnecessary medicines end up in household waste, they not only pose a risk of poisoning to animals, but also affect the environment. When these drugs get into the environment, they can cause water and soil pollution, the development of antibiotic resistance, hormonal changes in animals and plants, and mutations. Such behavior is dangerous both for nature and human health.

Protect your family and the environment

In order to protect the environment, it is important to know how to deal with unnecessary or invalid medicines. If the medicine is no longer used or has lost its expiration date, it is necessary to take the following steps:

Ask the pharmacist at the pharmacy: Ask the pharmacist where to put the medicines you no longer use. They will provide information on safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

Rules on the invalidity of the medicine:
○ Expired.
○ Improper storage.
○ Changed appearance, smell or taste.
○ Damaged packaging.
○ The name of the medicine is not legible.

Proper preparation for drug utilization:
○ Remove the medicine from the outer packaging.
○ Tablet plates, bottles, ampoules and ointment tubes should be placed in a bag.
○ Place broken mercury thermometers in a plastic bottle/container during transport.

Role and responsibility of pharmacies

Latvian pharmacies accept unnecessary medicines, ensuring their proper disposal. These medicines are collected and sent to appropriate facilities where they are safely destroyed. This is an important step to prevent unwanted effects on the environment and human health.


Disposal of unnecessary medicines is a step forward in educating the public about responsible and safe treatment of pharmaceutical waste. Pharmacies and pharmacists are already providing support by helping people to take care of the environment and prevent the potential risks caused by invalid medicines.

Investing time and effort in properly disposing of unnecessary medicines is an investment in our overall health and environmental sustainability.