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Alerģisko slimību izmeklēšanas un ārstēšanas centrs / Allergic Disease Investigation and Treatment Center

GP Nord is strengthening its long-term cooperation with the Allergic Disease Investigation and Treatment Center

Drug wholesaler GP Nord is proud of its long-term and successful cooperation with the Allergic Disease Investigation and Treatment Center (hereinafter – Allergocenter).

The basis of successful long-term cooperation between the parties is mutual trust. The cooperation is based on the orders of the Allergocenter and the deliveries of medicines and medical goods from GP Nord. Thus, patients have been provided with the necessary drugs for specific immunotherapy from one supplier, as suggested by the head of the Allergocenter, docent Werners Lozovskis, and the deputy head, dr. Svetlana Reznikova. In order to guarantee continuous and timely patient care, GP Nord also makes extraordinary drug deliveries to the Allergocenter.

In addition, GP Nord specialists are currently developing an online order system that will facilitate the work of Allergocenter employees, ensuring fast and accurate order preparation, which is essential for the treatment of patients.

The long-term cooperation has been successful and effective, providing improved patient care and ensuring the availability of necessary medical materials.

“GP Nord is proud of this long-term collaboration with the Allergic Disease Investigation and Treatment Center,” says Tatjana Ose, pharmacist at GP Nord. “We are grateful for the trust of the Allergocenter management in our company and we are ready to continue working together – to ensure the supply of high-quality medicines to patients.”

Both institutions look to the future to further develop this successful collaboration and provide even better care to patients.

What is an Allergocenter:
Allergocenter – Center for the investigation and treatment of allergic diseases, founded in 1969, registered in 2001.
Doctors – 12 certified allergist doctors work in the center, they advise both adults and children from infancy.
Treatment – Allergocenter offers allergy treatment with allergen vaccines, reduction of exposure to external allergens and medication and has 50 years of experience in this field.