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What should i have in the first aid kit?

To keep up with the general changes in health and especially important only now, during the pandemic, but will also be after them – the pandemic and our main paradise and the people of the next many most attractive attention to their health.

Prolonged sitting, a less mobile lifestyle and increased stress have also affected the health of many people. It is especially important to monitor the general state of health of people who are in different risk groups. In order to comfortably follow your health condition at home, four electronic devices will be useful in the home first aid kit. Pharmacist Zane Melberga explains what they are and why they are needed today.

Blood pressure cuff

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood flow to the walls of the arteries and should be checked from time to time by everyone. Constant monitoring of blood pressure allows its abnormalities to be detected as early as possible and treatment to be started in time. For many people, measuring their blood pressure is also a regular need to make sure that the medication prescribed by their doctor helps, as well as to identify the factors that affect the drop or rise in pressure. In addition, more and more people are making sure that they need their own blood pressure monitor at home, so that they do not have to go to the doctor to monitor, and to monitor the most important health indicator in real time, because often the blood pressure rises in the doctor’s office.

If you need to choose a blood pressure monitor for home use, the automatic blood pressure monitor will be the most convenient to use. It is comfortable and easy to use – you need to put a cuff around your upper arm, press the button and wait at rest when the measurement and pulse rate appear on the display.

To find the most suitable blood pressure monitor, as well as to get acquainted with its proper use, it is possible to consult a pharmacist, but before going to the pharmacy after purchase, it is important to find out in advance a suitable cuff size that can be used to measure the user’s upper arm. “Euroaptieka” pharmacist Zane Melberga points out that if the cuff is too big or tight, the measurement will not be accurate or will not work at all, because the air may turn off when air enters the cuff. In turn, patients with cardiac arrhythmias should take three measurements in a row, so it is recommended that they choose a higher class device.

Pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter is a lightweight, portable medical device that can quickly and easily determine the amount of oxygen in the blood, or the saturation of hemoglobin and blood with oxygen, as well as the heart rate. We often hear that this device is needed for patients with Covid-19 symptoms, but the pharmacist says that it is also useful for those who want to monitor their blood oxygen levels and who regularly experience health problems – chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, asthma or in case of heart failure or have harmful habits such as smoking.

The pulse oximeter works by reading the spectrum of blood colors. As oxygen binds to hemoglobin, the structure and color of the hemoglobin change. The pulse oximeter allows measurements of oxygen saturation and pulse rate in both children and adults. It is very easy to use, so it will also be suitable for the elderly and can also be used for children. The device needs to be placed on the finger of one hand and in a few seconds the pulse oximeter will record the saturation of the blood with oxygen and pulse. Last but not least, the pulse oximeter is very compact and light, so it can be easily carried.

Infrared thermometer

We have historically been used to mercury thermometers, but for more than a decade now, these thermometers have not been available in the European Union. At present, the range of thermometers in pharmacies is very wide, but at the same time infrared thermometers are the fastest and most accurate.

The pharmacist explains that the temperature measurement can be obtained quickly, accurately and does not require any special skills. The sensor element of the thermometer detects infrared radiation from the body surface, further converting it into a digital equivalent and displaying it on the screen. With this thermometer it is very convenient to take measurements also for babies, because the measurement takes place in 2-3 seconds, when the device is about 2 cm from the body surface. These thermometers have a wider temperature range of up to 100 degrees. Accordingly, they can be used to measure the temperature not only of the body but also of the environment, such as the room, baby food or bath water, by pre-setting it to the appropriate mode.

Given the current prevalence of Covid-19 and other viruses, even at slightly elevated temperatures, pharmacists are advised not to go outside – to work or study remotely and monitor their health.


An inhaler is a medical device that can be used to perform steam inhalations – inhalation of therapeutic substances intended for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases. Inhalation is one of the most effective and commonly used treatments for respiratory diseases, as it provides a direct and rapid effect on the airway mucosa, where the inflammatory process takes place. The pharmacist states that various inhalers are currently available in pharmacies, which are safe to use to reduce the symptoms of respiratory disease. They help absorb medications and moisturize the airways by converting medications and fluids to steam. They are also particularly quiet and easy, so inhalation can also be done while the baby is sleeping.

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