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Medical product supplies in support of Ukraine

At a time when our hearts are with Ukraine, their people and heroic advocates, the donations of GP Nord staff and friends in support of Ukraine were turned into two pallets of various much-needed medical supplies sent to Lviv for delivery to the war-affected population. domestically, is provided by the International Ukrainian-Israeli Commonwealth Organization (Andriy Rikota and Veniamin Blonarovych). Thanks to the volunteers (Oleksandrs Baranovs and Arturs Kutajevs), the donated goods have arrived in Ukraine from Riga.

Currently, the best way to help the people of Ukraine and refugees is centralized. All the necessary information can be found on the website: ( about the possibilities of helping people from Ukraine with housing, providing transport for refugees and donating humanitarian aid both as individuals and companies. An application form for entrepreneurs wishing to provide humanitarian aid has also been created separately. A single telephone number +371 27380380 has also been set up, where Ukrainian people fleeing the war are specifically called.

There are coordination centers on the Polish border and in Ukraine that help with the flow of cars and people, sorting donated items, distributing food to refugees and providing advice. Ukrainian border guards are doing phenomenal work. An operational system has been set up to ensure the continuous flow of humanitarian aid and cooperation between all the organizations involved, capable of receiving, sorting and delivering urgently needed goods. Thus, everything that has left the hands of Latvian donors can be brought to Ukraine quickly. The delivery of goods to Ukraine shall take place in such a way that the flow of people out of Ukraine or to refugee assembly points is not disturbed in any way.

Currently the most needed goods are:
– food (ready to use),
– first-aid equipment (gauze, patches, bandages, masks, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, gloves, syringes),
– hygiene products,
– animal feed,
– rugs, sleeping bags
– fuel cans with or without fuel

The Ukrainians have received the first coordinated shipments and express their gratitude to the people of Latvia for their understanding, survival and selfless assistance in taking care of the necessary humanitarian goods.

The work of Latvian organizations and every volunteer to support the population left in Ukraine is invaluable. Initially, since the war, hundreds of minibuses, lorries and cars with Latvian volunteer drivers have self-organized and transported goods donated by Latvian people, transporting women and children seeking refuge from the war-torn land on their way back to Latvia. At present, the best way to support Ukraine is to act in a centrally coordinated manner so as not to overburden the flow of people at the border guards and endanger the safety of volunteers arriving in Ukraine.

GP Nord employees and friends who donated to this post are: Dzintars, Inguna, Edmunds, Aigars, Laura L, Rihards, Ilona, Laura J, Laura K, Linards, Lauma, Mārtiņš, Vents, Edīte, Sandija, Toms, Pēteris, Agnese, Edgars, Līga B., Evita, Sabīne, Laura N, Pēteris P, Jānis L, Kristaps, Jānis D, Juris, Kristaps B, Kaspars, Lija, Ainārs, Mikus, Līga Ā-E.