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LATMED-PRO strengthens cooperation with Hungarian osteosynthesis manufacturer Sanatmetal

Latvian osteosynthesis company LATMED-PRO announces a successful experience exchange visit to the prestigious Hungarian surgical material manufacturer – Sanatmetal. This trip took place from January 15 to 17 and demonstrates the commitment of both companies to provide high-quality surgical supplies and materials, adapting to the dynamic conditions of the medical products market.

The main purpose of the visit was to strengthen the partnership between Latmed Pro and Sanatmetal, gain insight into Sanatmetal’s production processes and discuss potential areas of cooperation and growth.

The representatives of LATMED-PRO, Toms Zeltiņš and Edgars Bružiks, were warmly welcomed by Andras Kudras and the Sanatmetal team. Tom and Edgar had the opportunity to observe the complex production processes at the Sanatmetal factory, gaining valuable insight into the operation. During the visit, not only the technical aspects of the products were discussed, but also the latest trends in the medical industry and requirements for ensuring patient safety. This exchange of experience will help improve LATMED-PRO’s offer and expand Sanatmetal’s understanding of the needs of the Latvian market.

After the trip, Sanatmetal expressed gratitude for the visit. LATMED-PRO suggested organizing a training event in Riga and exploring the possibilities of in-depth cooperation

The trip to Sanatmetal in Eger, Hungary was very productive, promoting closer cooperation between LATMED-PRO and Sanatmetal. Toms Zeltiņš expressed his satisfaction with the possibility of cooperation with Sanatmetal, emphasizing the common goal of both companies – to provide customers with high-quality solutions in accordance with the current standards of the medical industry.


LATMED-PRO belongs to the GP Nord group of companies, providing high-quality osteosynthesis and surgical products and materials in Latvia.

About Sanatmetal:

Sanatmetal is a 100% Hungarian family company specializing in traumatology, back and dental surgery, as well as major joint replacement (hip and knee). The company stands out for its cooperation with both local and international specialists, developing leading solutions and complying with patient safety standards and MDR regulatory requirements.

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