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Pharmaceutical wholesaler GP Nord acquired osteosynthesis products company LATMED-PRO

Pharmaceutical wholesaler GP Nord SIA has successfully continued its expansion by adding a new cooperation partner in medical products. We are happy to announce that GP Nord SIA has finalised the acquisition process of the company LATMED-PRO, expanding the product and service offered in the healthcare sector.

This acquisition allows GP Nord SIA to gain access to valuable experience. LATMED-PRO has operated in osteosynthesis since 1996, providing high-quality surgical goods and materials. It is a significant step in GP Nord’s strategic planning, providing more choices for customers and promoting innovation in the healthcare industry. The dynamics of the medical products market require continuous change and adaptation, and cooperation with LATMED-PRO will allow GP Nord SIA to continue exceeding our customers’ demands.

Toms Zeltiņš, head of GP Nord SIA: “We are pleased about this new stage in our business development because it makes us stronger and reflects our commitment to offer the best solutions in healthcare. With this step, we will preserve and strengthen values and traditions introduced by LATMED-PRO, providing our customers with a special experience and a reliable approach to procuring medical supplies.”

Daigas Skulme, owner of LATMED-PRO: “We are sure that GP Nord SIA perfectly understands the requirement dictated by the fast-paced development of the modern era in medicine, prioritising high-quality and safe treatment. We are pleased that GP Nord SIA is a reliable successor to the operation and values of SIA LATMED-PRO in traumatology – in orthopaedics.”