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Latvijas svētku nedēļa

GP Nord congratulates Latvia on the national celebration week

GP Nord, the Latvian pharmaceutical wholesaler, celebrates and shares the joy with all Latvians and friends of Latvia, congratulating on this Latvian national celebration week.

On the week of Latvia’s birthday, the CEO of GP Nord SIA, Toms Zeltiņš, expresses his joy at the historical achievements of our people: “We are proud that we have our own country, that we are at home and do what we like. Compared to a range of countries in the world, we have won this privilege for ourselves and we are very proud of it.”

The GP Nord team appreciates Latvia’s dynamic and highly intellectual business environment, and also believes that this environment is an incentive for development and business improvement. Expanding our operations in the global market, we continue to plan to develop innovative solutions and offer customers the highest quality products, thus bringing Latvia’s name to the world.

The company invites all parts of Latvian society, both businessmen and residents, to enjoy this day and celebrate together. “Lāčplēsis Day and Independence Day of Latvia is a time when we remember the important events in our history and express our gratitude to those who fought for our freedom. May this holiday be filled with joy and a sense of patriotism,” says Toms Zeltiņš.

GP Nord would like to wish all residents and entrepreneurs of Latvia a beautiful and happy holiday. Let’s continue to build a successful and strong future for our country together!
Lavijas svētku nedēļa