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GP Nord @ Maam Presentation Rooms

Visit to Maam, a manufacturer of postoperative garments

In May 2022, GP Nord team went on an exchange trip to the Romanian company Maam to learn about the possibilities, novelties and latest clothing models of postoperative compression garments.

During the experience exchange trip, the experience, results and knowledge of the manufacturer Maam in the development and promotion of compression garments in the world markets were introduced. Such exchange of experience and strengthening of contacts with industry specialists is very important for GP Nord team. Our team had the opportunity to visit the Maam demonstration rooms, where most of Maam’s wide range is located, of course with an emphasis on the latest achievements and models. The gained experience will be used to promote Maam postoperative compression garments in the Latvian market, to offer products of this brand to medical and plastic surgery clinics and patients.

Maam post-surgical compression garments are intended for use in the post-operative recovery stages following plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy, breast reconstruction, gynecomastia, liposuction, abdominal plastic surgery, facial and hand correction, and other surgeries.

Compression clothing helps in the process of postoperative recovery, improving blood circulation, reducing wound irritation, keeping the implant in the correct position, removing potentially dangerous fluids from the body, speeding up the healing process, thus allowing the patient to return to daily life faster. Compressive products provide support in the postoperative healing process by offering proper compression and pressure relief.

Maam compression garments are made of the highest quality materials, taking into account the requirements of medical specialists in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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