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GP Nord support Ukraine

GP Nord continues to support Ukraine

The pharmaceutical wholesaler GP Nord continues to provide support to Ukraine, this time through the association “Tavi Draugi”. GP Nord has supplied thermal boxes, which are very useful for protecting products and goods from cold or heat during transportation, to the people of Ukraine.

With this delivery, GP Nord continues cooperation with the association “Tavi Draugi”, which provides coordinated humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian civilians in Latvia and Ukraine. The thermal boxes supplied by GP Nord are used to transport foodstuffs and other products that require special protection and temperature control.

The association “Tavi Draugi” was founded in 2013. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the association has been coordinating and organizing humanitarian aid for Ukrainian civilians, both in Latvia and Ukraine. The association provides support to families, lonely pensioners and other target groups, organizing and coordinating the voluntary involvement of Latvian residents, organizations and companies in providing assistance.

Support for Ukraine is also possible individually by donating goods, money or becoming a volunteer. More information about the types of support and the most needed goods is available on the website of the association “Tavi Draugi”, and by phone +37122481985.