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Expanding horizons at the Infarma 2024 exhibition

Latvian pharmaceutical wholesaler GP Nord is pleased to announce its successful participation in the Infarma 2024 pharmaceutical and healthcare exhibition. Held from March 19-21, this exhibition brought together industry professionals from around the world, offering an excellent platform for making new contacts and industry news.

Infarma 2024 in Madrid focused on the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical product sectors, bringing together industry professionals, healthcare providers, laboratories and research centers. At this exhibition, companies had the opportunity to demonstrate their latest products, technologies and services for the healthcare industry.

Benefits of GP Nord at the Infarma 2024 exhibition:
Expanded network of contacts: With more than 10,000 registered pharmacists and more than 30,000 industry professionals participating in the exhibition, GP Nord successfully expanded its network of contacts by making direct and personal contacts with customers.

Improving brand recognition: Participation in the exhibition provided an opportunity to improve GP Nord’s brand image and promote the latest types of services, thus improving its position in the market.

Training and Product Demonstration Visits: The exhibition provided excellent training and product demonstrations, promoting awareness of GP Nord’s range of partner offerings.

Evaluation of the quality of the exhibition: The Infarma 2024 exhibition had a repeat participation of 85% of the exhibitors and GP Nord confirms its satisfaction with the format and quality of the exhibition.

Pēteris Zeltiņš and Edgars Bružiks from GP Nord expressed their satisfaction for participating in the Infarma 2024 exhibition, noting that this experience made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the company. They are looking forward to the further development of cooperation opportunities and the creation of new projects obtained from this exhibition.

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