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BK "Dzirnavas / GP Nord"

Support for the amateur basketball club “Dzirnavas / GP Nord”

By becoming a supporter of the amateur basketball club "Dzirnavas / GP Nord", the pharmaceutical wholesaler GP Nord develops social responsibility and investment in a healthier and more active lifestyle. This collaboration creates more opportunities for basketball games that connect people from different professions and walks of life, uniting them in common values and enthusiasm.

BK “Dzirnavas / GP Nord” is an amateur basketball team that started its activities in the summer of 2022, when Krišs Jānis Kairis, Elvijs Šabatura and Kalvis Kalva decided to implement the idea of creating a team. The team’s identity is based on the logo of the guest house “Dzirnavu pirtiņa”, managed by Toms Jānis Eglītis, one of the “Dzirnavies.” Team colors, red and white, which is a symbol of respect for Latvia.

The team of BK “Dzirnavas / GP Nord” includes people from various professions, including medical specialists, psychologists, communication experts, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and journalists. These people are a united community who share not only the love of basketball, but also a philosophy of life that includes an active lifestyle and the importance of physical activity on a daily basis.

In the Olybet Enthusiast Basketball League, you can enjoy the game at different levels, and in 2023/2024. In the season of 2018, BK “Dzirnavas / GP Nord” starts in the 4th league out of a total of 7 different tournaments. In matches between enthusiasts, the full game time (4×10 minutes) is played, as well as a fixed technical protocol that documents the actions on the field. The games are as exciting as for professionals, sometimes with the best referees in Latvia.

The main task of the team is to set an example of an active lifestyle and promote the importance of physical activity in society. The goal this season is to qualify for the playoffs and fight for a place in the semi-finals.

This season, the team is supported by the drug wholesaler GP Nord, which, like “Dzirnavies”, also supports a healthy and sporty lifestyle in society and the activities of like-minded people that lead to good causes. “Thank you to GP NORD for the support that helps us achieve our goals and promote a healthy lifestyle!” says team representative Kalvis Kalva.

Follow the team’s performance in this exciting season on the website and join the ranks of the team’s supporters in the stands. We will increase results both on the basketball court and in social activities.

Haralds Dravnieks, Toms Jānis Eglītis, Paulius Jakelis, Kārlis Kaģis, Krišs Jānis Kairis, Kalvis Kaļva, Matīss Mazūrs, Roberts Prindulis, Elvijs Šabatura, Mikus Saldovers, Artūrs Šilovs, Janis Tiltins, Rolands Vārpiņš, Nauris Zdanovskis.